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Happy Holidays, from Public Safety Stores

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Dear Readers:

We want to take a moment to thank you for your following us, and for sticking around long enough to figure out what we're all about!

The PSS Facebook pageGoogle+ page and Blog were just launched in mid-2012.  Since then you helped us build an exciting fan base and a tight-knit social community.  We love being a part of it, we hope you do too!

As we move into 2013...

We plan to continue bringing you relevant news and information (CONTENT).  You seem to enjoy it, and we certainly enjoy delivering it!

We plan to continue creating a way for Public Safety members to connect (COMMUNITY).  We realize the challenges of working in Public Safety often cause the people to become more inter-dependent.  We simply want to support this camaraderie.

And we plan to continue offering you a place to buy Police, Fire, EMS and Military products (COMMERCE).  We've gotta pay the bills and keep the lights on, ya know!

So here's to wishing you, your friends and your family a Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Hero" - a new song from Mully Music

We recently mentioned this new song from Mully Music on the Public Safety Stores Facebook page.

The song name is "Hero."  Its a tribute to Police Officers.

This week we caught up with Mully to talk more about the song, as well as the money he is raising for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).

Mully is not a Police Officer, but he wants to apply for a position in Public Safety in his hometown when one becomes available.  Perhaps as a Dispatcher.  But his first love has always been music, which he has been playing/composing since 1980.

He wrote all the music and lyrics, and did all the performance and production, for this special song.

His goal is simple... he wants to raise money for the NLEOMF.  100% of the money raised goes directly to the NLEOMF.  He is not reimbursed for anything.

We have mentioned many times that one of the most stressful jobs is being a Police Officer.  And Mully wrote Hero because "too often the fine men and women who wear a badge are taken for granted."  He said, "This is my way of saying 'Thank You.' "

The lyrics speak to the key traits of a good Police Officer: dedication, sacrifice, loyalty, courage and service.

We tip our hats to Mully ... and the great Law Enforcement Officers who protect the people of each local community!

Here are direct links to the fundraising effort:

Monday, December 17, 2012

What will bring an end to these tragedies?

An image is not included in this post to respect the families involved.

Today we remember the children and adults of Newtown, CT.

20 of the town's children and 6 of the town's adults did not make it to see the evening of Friday, Dec 14th, 2012.  Others bravely and courageously became heroes that day.  And all are reeling from the unexpected grief and tragedy that has gripped the town.

President Obama, parent of a 14-year old and 11-year old, spoke to the town last night.  He stated that "we as a nation are left with some hard questions."  He is right about that.

We are asking why these things happen.  And we want to know what will bring an end to these tragedies.

Is this the result of evil?  Is mental illness to blame?  Are developmental disorders the cause?  Are violent video games the reason?  Is inadequate gun control at the source?  Are antisocial personality traits driving this?  Is bullying at the root?  Are assailants obsessed with how others have wronged them?  Is this brought on by a lack of religious expression in schools?  Are these isolated acts or the result of broader problems in society?

We want to know so we can understand.  And perhaps the simple fact that we are having the conversation will lead us to a better place.

We all want to see change.  Some say we should "do more" as a nation.  Others say should "be different" as a people.

Given the reality of these events, we can certainly do more to proactively derail future tragedies.

At the same time, perhaps we can search for ways to be different as a community of people.

Nonetheless, as we might have these conversations, we remember Newtown, CT.

President Obama personally thanked the First Responders of Newtown, calling them the "good guys."  We too offer our thanks to the Police, Fire and EMS in the Newtown area along with all who protect, serve and heal.

We offer our encouragement to the Teachers and Staff at Sandy Hook Elementary.

And we offer our thoughts, as well as our prayers, to the families of this tragic event.

Please share your thoughts and feedback on this related Facebook post.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spread Good Cheer : Smith & Wesson Folding Knife with Tactical Pen

Smith & Wesson Folding Knife with Tactical Pen

The SPREAD GOOD CHEER event is on at Public Safety Stores!  The 2012 Gift Ideas have been:

Today's Gift Idea : Smith & Wesson Folding Knife with Tactical Pen.  It has:
  • SW 423B black titanium coated folding knife
  • 3.2" standard stainless steel blade
  • Dual easy open thumb pins
  • 4.3" black titanium coated stainless steel handles with liner lock safety
  • 5.7" SW black tactical pen with replaceable Hauser cartridge

The goal is to help you "Give back to those who give all year!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spread Good Cheer : MagLite Mini Mag

MagLite Mini Mag with AA batt. in a Gift Box

The SPREAD GOOD CHEER event is on again this holiday season!

We looked at Sparta Pewter Keychains for Police, Fire and EMS.

Today's Gift Idea : MagLite Mini Mag with AA batt. in a Gift Box.  Here's what it features:
  • High-intensity light beam
  • 1/2 turn, twist focus, spot-to-flood and candle mode
  • O-ring seal for water resistance
  • Aluminum alloy case
  • Imprinted with American flag design

"Give back to those who give all year!"  And have a Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spread Good Cheer : Leatherman Keychain Multi-Tool

Our annual SPREAD GOOD CHEER event is up and running!

The goal is to help you "Give back to those who give all year!"

We looked at Sparta Pewter Keychains for Police, Fire and EMS.

Today's Gift Idea : Leatherman Keychain Multi-Tool!  Its a mini survival tool with:

  • Aluminum Handle
  • Scissors
  • 420HC Knife
  • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Nail File
  • Tweezers
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red
  • Gift tin
And they're less than $18 each.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sparta Pewter Keychains for Firefighters

Firefighter Maltese Cross
Fire Helmet

Fire Truck

Firefighters serve their communities faithfully!  Both in career and voluntary roles.

So you might want to SPREAD GOOD CHEER this holiday season!

Here's a Gift Idea : Sparta Pewter Keychains for Firefighters.  Your options are:

These are Solid Pewter.  And they are not expensive.  They are less than $10 each.

Happy Holidays!

Spread Good Cheer : Sparta Pewter Keychains

We love all things Public Safety!

We spent the year talking about Police Officers, Firefighters, EMTs, Dispatchers, Active Military, Veterans, Injured Veterans, Olympians, Paralympians and more.

So given the Holidays, we want to SPREAD GOOD CHEER!

Our goal is to help you "Give back to those who give all year."

Todays Gift Idea is a Sparta Pewter Keychain.  These are your options:

These are Solid Pewter.  And they are not expensive.  They are less than $10 each.

Have a great holidays!

Friday, November 30, 2012

NYFD Firefighters - Rope Rescue

Amazing rescues happen every day.  And we like to talk about them!!

Here are a few examples:

Here is another remarkable rescue.

Two Con Edison workers were left dangling 13 stories off the ground when their scaffolding failed.  But NYFD Firefighters were there to rescue them!

Here's the video...

Pot is Legal in Washington state and Colorado

On November 6, 2012, the lively battle of the Presidential election overwhelmed headlines.

Lost in the shuffle were stories such as the "Legalize Pot" vote in Washington state and Colorado.

Both states passed laws which legalize marijuana possession.  In fact, the new laws require each state to license commercial growers, plus make marijuana available for sale in stores next year.

This Fire Chief, Dominick Swinhart in Camas, WA, says he has no plans to do anything.

Former narcotics Police Officer, Neill Franklin, sent a letter to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder asking the Federal government to respect the two state's new laws.  Here's a link to his letter and a list of the 73 Law Enforcement members who signed it.

The Police Chief, John Jackson, in Greenwood Village, CO has warned of "more impaired drivers."

EMTs are concerned that they will see more patient injuries and illnesses due to marijuana use.

And this week the Indiana State Police Superintendent, Paul Whitesell, said he would like to see pot legalized.

Wow.  So many questions come to mind.  How might this affect society?  How will the Federal government respond?  How will (or would) your Department respond?

If you have answers or thoughts, let us know!

Best place to do so is on our Facebook Post ...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The value of CPR

Randy Stevens, 51 years old and in good health, was home with his girlfriend a few weeks ago... when his heart stopped.

Thankfully, his girlfriend is a paramedic.  And she collected herself well enough to begin CPR.

Randy's heart actually stopped 6 times, while he nearly died.  But Paramedics arrived to continue CPR.  And they gave him 6 shocks from an AED.

Fortunately, Randy is a strong person and he survived.  In fact, he made a full recovery and was home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with his girlfriend and their seven children!!

Randy and his girlfriend have become strong advocates for CPR training - in every home.  They say Randy is living proof that it really works!

Hats off to Randy's girlfriend, Lisa, for her responsive.  This reminds us of previously mentioned stories where... a team of heroes saved a man's life... an Off-duty officer intervened in a threatening situation... and a Firefighter jumped in 48 degree water to save a drowning woman.

Here's a video of Randy saying THANKS to the Paramedics who saved him!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

THANKS to Military Members

Last week we said THANKS to Firefighters, THANKS to Police Officers and THANKS to EMTs.

Today we say THANKS to Military Members everywhere!!

We realize you have two of the most stressful jobs -- as a Soldier and a General.

We enjoyed following you at the 2012 London Olympics, including:

In addition, we followed Ryan McIntosh - Injured Army Veteran - at the 2012 US Open.

And then we followed you at the 2012 London Paralympics, including:
We are glad to see local communities reaching out to help local Veterans, through programs like this one -- SCV Habitat for Heroes.

We are thrilled to see US citizens - like Tom Clark, a US History teacher - who carefully remembers the brave Veterans who have shaped American History.

And many of you worked tirelessly to serve and rescue people through Superstorm Sandy.  The devastation was immense.  But with your help the cleanup will be fully accomplished.

Your service to this great country is amazing, so we say THANKS to Military Members everywhere!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


On Monday we said THANKS to Firefighters.  Tuesday we said THANKS to Police Officers.

Today we say THANKS to EMTs everywhere!!

EMTs have a demanding job.  Did you know an EMS event occurs every single second in the USA?  That's a lot of medical emergencies ... 36 million per year to be exact!

In fact, nearly 70% of all calls to a Fire Department are medical calls.  And despite tightening budgets, the public still expects very fast response times.

EMTs have a surprisingly dangerous job, considering the potentials attacks they face from violent patients and bystanders.  The big question is whether EMTs and Firefighters should carry guns.

EMTs are a vital part of the Public Safety community that serves the public tirelessly - both On-the-job and Off-duty.  For example, this Off-duty EMT bravely paid the ultimate price this year while reportedly protecting two women who were being threatened.

In a bit of good news, New York officials are pursuing new legislation to provide better legal protection for EMTs and Paramedics.

Throughout the chaos and devastation of Superstorm Sandy, many EMTs conducted life-saving rescues.

And at least one EMT competed in the 2012 London Olympics this year!

So this week, we say THANKS to EMTs everywhere!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

THANKS to Police Officers

Yesterday we said THANKS to Firefighters.

Today we say THANKS to Police Officers everywhere!

Police Officers have one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs.  But I don't ever remember hearing a Police Officer complain about that.  They protect the public - both On-the-job and while Off-duty.

At least one Police Officer went to the 2012 London Olympics.  And thousands of them compete annually in the Police & Fire Games.

Police Officers are strong and resilient.  No matter the challenges they face, Police Officers find ways to overcome obstacles - like the one this local officer faced following a devastating car accident that put him in a coma for 28 days.

Police Officers never know what to expect when they go to work.  They get called out on randomly occurring events - like when the accelerator in this woman's car stuck to the floor and forced her car to more than 100 MPH for 35 minutes!

Police Officers are a vital link on the team of First Responders that support each community.  Ask this man in Oregon and he'll tell you he wouldn't be alive with the First Responders who came to his rescue, including a Police Officer who was the first on the scene.

And as if their On-the-job duties weren't challenging enough, these Officers also perform at a high level when they're Off-duty.  This NYPD Officer took it upon himself to protect the public while Off-duty.  At times, these Officers also pay the ultimate price because they genuinely care for the people they serve.

So this week, we say THANKS to Police Officers everywhere!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

THANKS to Firefighters

We want to say THANKS to Firefighters everywhere!!

Firefighters are vital part of the Public Safety community, and this great country would not be the same without your great service!

Firefighters generally prefer to be fighting fires, but the reality is they get called on out far more medical emergencies.  In fact, medical calls outnumber fire calls nearly 3-to-1.

Nonetheless, firefighters have one of the most stressful jobs in America.

They fight wildfires, including the devastating Colorado wildfires this year.  And they fight structure fires.

Firefighters go the extra mile to save lives at dangerous traffic scenes - like this one in Santa Barbara, CA.

At least one firefighter proudly represented the USA in the 2012 London Olympics!

They invent genius new products - like this water misting station for heat relief.

They passionately care for the community and valiantly support worthy causes - like this cancer fighting non-profit organization.

And sometimes, firefighters are called to protect people from themselves.

So this week, we say THANKS to Firefighters everywhere - whether you are career, volunteer or on-call!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Northeast USA: Power Outages UPDATE 3

Jessica Hill/AP Photo

Richard Drew/AP Photo

Mel Evans/AP Photo

Superstorm Sandy took its toll, knocking out power to 8.4 million people in 17 states.

Then, a week later, a Noreaster brought high winds and lots of snow.

To the credit of many people - Utility workers, Public Safety personnel, Police, Fire, EMS and other First Responders - power is steadily being restored!!

The number of people without power has dropped from 8.4 million ... to 3.7 million ... to 1.4 million.

As of Thursday 11/08/12, here's the number of people still without power...

TOTAL : 699,000

New Jersey : 397,000

New York : 285,000

Massachusetts : 12,000

Rhode Island : 5,000

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Responder Heroes

First Responders - Police, Fire, EMS and others - are totally amazing.

Here is more evidence of how they protect people ... sometimes even protecting people from themselves.

This man jumped off a 4-story building in an apparent suicide attempt, but firefighters managed to break his fall with a giant inflatable cushion.

WARNING: this video is raw...

Paramedics & EMTs - Better Legal Protection

Paramedics and EMTs have intensely stressful jobs.  The intensity is in part because an EMS event occurs every second of the year!

But to top it off, Paramedics and EMTs face the threat of violence while on the job.  Victims, patients and bystanders sometimes attackinjure and even kill these workers.

EMT Betty Higdon recently told her story of being attacked by a patient in the Bronx (NYC).  She said he, "Grabbed my shirt, started punching my head, choking my neck until I couldn't breathe.  He came out of the restraints, he grabbed my hair.  So he started whipping my head back and forth."

But the attacker was charged with only a misdemeanor, not a felony.  The reason is because of the way the law is written.

So New York officials have proposed a new initiative to protect Paramedics and EMTs, in the same way the law protects Police Officers.  It is called The Assaults Against Paramedics and EMTs initiative.

Many Paramedics and EMTs feel the same way Betty Higdon does when she said, "I like to come to work to help people, I just want the support to do this job safely."

Off-duty Hero - NYPD Officer

Prior to Hurricane Sandy taking ownership of every single headline, an Off-duty NYPD officer was hailed for his heroic actions.

His name is Ivan Marcano.  He is 27 years old.  And these events happened on Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 at 6:30pm.

Ivan was in his car with his girlfriend when he witnessed a man being robbed by two muggers.  Despite being Off-duty, Ivan intervened.  But he was shot in the chest, and the bullet barely missed his heart.

As his girlfriend drove him to the hospital, he realized the assailant's car was in front of them.  It happened to get in an accident.

While holding his own gunshot wound, Ivan jumped out of his car and back into action.  He pursued the suspects, at which time he shot one in the head.  That suspected later died.  The other is at large.  And yet another, the driver of the get away car, is also at large.

Ivan's heroism prompted a visit to his hospital room from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, wherein Ivan was promoted to Detective!

On-duty or Off-duty, courage and bravery is something to be honored.

Hats off to Ivan Marcano and many more Off-duty Officers who serve the public well beyond the schedule of their shift!

VOTE 2012

Today we will vote on who will be President of the United States of America for the next 4 years.

But many more decisions will be made that impact Police, FireEMS and Public Safety in local areas.  Here are a few examples...

Olympia, WA
The city is asking for a tax increase of one-tenth of one percent (a penny on every $10) to avoid severe cuts to Police and Fire

The state is asking for a tax increase on earnings over $250,000 for seven years and 1/4 cent for four years to avoid further cuts to Education and Public Safety

Montgomery County, MD
Question B may be putting union members of the Police Department at odds with the Police Chief and County Government.  What's at stake is "effects bargaining"

Cohasset, MA
Approval of Question 2 would legalize physician assisted suicide in Massachusetts

Chippewa, WI
Local voters will decide whether to replace an aging Public Safety building

Royal Oaks, MI
The city council is asking for a Public Safety millage of 3.975 mills over five years to support the Royal Oaks Police Department which the city manager said was "severely understaffed in several areas"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Power Outages UPDATE 2

Jefferson Siegel For New York Daily News

Nearly a week later, the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy is still being felt by millions of Americans.  But thanks to many people - American Heroes, Public Safety Personnel, Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, Active Military and many more First Responders - improvement and recovery is happening!

As of Monday 11/05/12 (right now), here's the number of people still without power...

TOTAL : 1,438,000 ... down from 8,428,000

New Jersey : 780,000

New York : 538,000

West Virginia : 53,000

Connecticut : 35,000

Pennsylvania : 32,000

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Power Outages UPDATE

AP Photo
As of late-day Friday 11/02/12 (right now), here's how many folks are still without power due to Hurricane Sandy...

TOTAL : 3,734,400

New Jersey : 1,600,000

New York : 1,300,000

Pennsylvania : 372,000

Connecticut : 241,000

West Virginia : 99,000

Ohio : 66,000

Maryland : 28,600

Rhode Island : 7,800

Massachusetts : 7,200

Virginia : 6,100

Michigan : 5,000

New Hampshire : 1,300

Delaware : 400

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Cleanup

Getty Images
Tens of billions of dollars will will be spent in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  IHS Global Insight says the superstorm has likely caused $20 billion in property damage, and $10-30 billion in lost business!

Public Safety Stores distributes Safety and Medical products.  For quick reference, here's a relevant and easy-to-use supply list...

And if you're looking for something specific, call us at (888) 707-3195

Hurricane Sandy: Devastation

The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy is seen in these images.  The loss of life and property is extreme, to say the least.

Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images