Friday, November 9, 2012

Northeast USA: Power Outages UPDATE 3

Jessica Hill/AP Photo

Richard Drew/AP Photo

Mel Evans/AP Photo

Superstorm Sandy took its toll, knocking out power to 8.4 million people in 17 states.

Then, a week later, a Noreaster brought high winds and lots of snow.

To the credit of many people - Utility workers, Public Safety personnel, Police, Fire, EMS and other First Responders - power is steadily being restored!!

The number of people without power has dropped from 8.4 million ... to 3.7 million ... to 1.4 million.

As of Thursday 11/08/12, here's the number of people still without power...

TOTAL : 699,000

New Jersey : 397,000

New York : 285,000

Massachusetts : 12,000

Rhode Island : 5,000

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