Friday, November 30, 2012

Pot is Legal in Washington state and Colorado

On November 6, 2012, the lively battle of the Presidential election overwhelmed headlines.

Lost in the shuffle were stories such as the "Legalize Pot" vote in Washington state and Colorado.

Both states passed laws which legalize marijuana possession.  In fact, the new laws require each state to license commercial growers, plus make marijuana available for sale in stores next year.

This Fire Chief, Dominick Swinhart in Camas, WA, says he has no plans to do anything.

Former narcotics Police Officer, Neill Franklin, sent a letter to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder asking the Federal government to respect the two state's new laws.  Here's a link to his letter and a list of the 73 Law Enforcement members who signed it.

The Police Chief, John Jackson, in Greenwood Village, CO has warned of "more impaired drivers."

EMTs are concerned that they will see more patient injuries and illnesses due to marijuana use.

And this week the Indiana State Police Superintendent, Paul Whitesell, said he would like to see pot legalized.

Wow.  So many questions come to mind.  How might this affect society?  How will the Federal government respond?  How will (or would) your Department respond?

If you have answers or thoughts, let us know!

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