Wednesday, November 21, 2012


On Monday we said THANKS to Firefighters.  Tuesday we said THANKS to Police Officers.

Today we say THANKS to EMTs everywhere!!

EMTs have a demanding job.  Did you know an EMS event occurs every single second in the USA?  That's a lot of medical emergencies ... 36 million per year to be exact!

In fact, nearly 70% of all calls to a Fire Department are medical calls.  And despite tightening budgets, the public still expects very fast response times.

EMTs have a surprisingly dangerous job, considering the potentials attacks they face from violent patients and bystanders.  The big question is whether EMTs and Firefighters should carry guns.

EMTs are a vital part of the Public Safety community that serves the public tirelessly - both On-the-job and Off-duty.  For example, this Off-duty EMT bravely paid the ultimate price this year while reportedly protecting two women who were being threatened.

In a bit of good news, New York officials are pursuing new legislation to provide better legal protection for EMTs and Paramedics.

Throughout the chaos and devastation of Superstorm Sandy, many EMTs conducted life-saving rescues.

And at least one EMT competed in the 2012 London Olympics this year!

So this week, we say THANKS to EMTs everywhere!!

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  1. Very well said and thanks ~ to all Public Safety out there, be safe!