Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Heroes

We have mentioned many American Heroes, including Veterans, Injured Veterans, Active Military, Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, Off-duty Officers, On-call Firefighters and more.

This superstorm - Hurricane Sandy - has undoubtedly provoked a new wave of heroic actions.  Here is one of them.

Artur Kasprzak had been a New York City police officer for 6 years.  He was 28 years old, and lived on Staten Island with his family.

On Monday night (10/29/12) the basement of his home was quickly flooding with water from the storm.  So he moved the family members who were with him - six adults and a 15 month old nephew - into the attic of the home.  He then went down to the basement to look for his father, but he did not return.

Artur did not know it, but his father had already fled to safety.

This Off-duty Officer confronted a terrible storm, and in courageously doing so he gave his own life to save the lives of seven family members.  He was later found in the flooded basement by a Search and Rescue team.

His sister said he loved his job at the NYPD.  "He's always ready.  Sometimes he didn't sleep, or he slept just a few hours.  Every time they called him, he was there.  You know, he's very devoted.  We will miss him so much."

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