Thursday, November 29, 2012

The value of CPR

Randy Stevens, 51 years old and in good health, was home with his girlfriend a few weeks ago... when his heart stopped.

Thankfully, his girlfriend is a paramedic.  And she collected herself well enough to begin CPR.

Randy's heart actually stopped 6 times, while he nearly died.  But Paramedics arrived to continue CPR.  And they gave him 6 shocks from an AED.

Fortunately, Randy is a strong person and he survived.  In fact, he made a full recovery and was home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with his girlfriend and their seven children!!

Randy and his girlfriend have become strong advocates for CPR training - in every home.  They say Randy is living proof that it really works!

Hats off to Randy's girlfriend, Lisa, for her responsive.  This reminds us of previously mentioned stories where... a team of heroes saved a man's life... an Off-duty officer intervened in a threatening situation... and a Firefighter jumped in 48 degree water to save a drowning woman.

Here's a video of Randy saying THANKS to the Paramedics who saved him!

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