Friday, October 12, 2012

A Team of Heroes - Dispatch, Police, Fire, Paramedic, ER

Raoul Meekcom lives in Tualatin, Oregon with his wife Sandra.  But last month Raoul had a heart attack which should have taken his life.

However, thanks to 45 minutes of excellent work from the 911 dispatcher, a police officer, a firefighter, a paramedic and an ER doctor... Raoul is alive today!

Sandra called 911 as soon as she found her husband lying lifelessly on the bathroom floor.  The response started with 30-year dispatcher Rita McQuiston coaching Sandra through CPR techniques and chest compressions.

Then Tualatin police officer, Chet Lemon, arrived to take over the CPR.

Then Tualatin Valley fire chief, Mark Cross, came and contributed to the effort.

Then Tualatin paramedic, Jeff Hunter, showed up to help revive Raoul.

Then an ambulance took Raoul to the Emergency Room.

And finally ER doctor, Jerry Tran, brought the effort to a positive conclusion... after 45 minutes, Raoul's body responded!

Raoul does not remember anything from that day.  But he knows who does remember that day... his wife, 911 dispatcher (Rita McQuiston) and the multiple first responders who saved his life!

Check out this video of Raoul and Sandra meeting their heroes!

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