Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Historic

What if I told you a story, and this were the context:

Post-tropical cyclone targets the Northeast USA

Hurricane force winds extend 175 miles from the center of the storm

Tropical storm force winds are felt 485 miles from the center

Its a convergence of multiple storms:

  • a hurricane swirling up from the south
  • a winter storm coming over from the east
  • cold air blowing down from the north

20% of the US population is impacted - that's 60 million people

6 million people are without power, including a large part of NYC

Bridges, tunnels and mass transit are closed in NYC

The financial markets are closed in NYC, for two straight days

Cars are floating down flooded streets in Lower Manhattan

Dozens of people are dead (already)

Across the Northeast USA...

Private businesses are closed

Government agencies are closed

Schools are closed

Roads, rails and subways are closed

13,000 flights have been cancelled

The Erie Canal is closed

Water is surging

Fires are starting

Trees are falling, and killing people

Primary power is failing

Backup power is failing

Generators are flooding

People are evacuating

But this story is real.  And its historic.  Its Hurricane Sandy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the 60 million people impacted, as well as the hundreds of thousands of Police, Fire, EMS and other Public Safety personnel working tirelessly - to serve the public.

Please be safe

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