Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: State of Emergency

Hurricane Sandy could turn out to be as historic as they claim.  Here's a few stats...

Hurricane Sandy is about 1,000 miles wide!

About 60 million will be affected... that's almost 20% of the US population.

Transportation in the Northeast is deeply impacted.  NYC public transportation ended at 7pm on Sunday.  Amtrak is shutting down service.  3,000 flights have already been cancelled from Washington DC to NYC.

The largest storm surge to hit New York in modern history was 10.5 feet in 1960.  Hurricane Sandy is expected to bring storm surges of 6-12 feet.

Sustained winds through NYC are projected to be 50 mph.  And wind gusts will likely reach hurricane force at 80 mph.

Hurricane Sandy is expected to continue through Wednesday (36 hours after it hits land), which is unusually long for a tropical storm.

The stock & bond markets are closed for 2 straight days.  This is the first time that's happened (due to bad weather) since 1888.

Its a state of emergency that will test all Public Safety personnel - Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers and others.

Please be careful.  And please be safe!

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