Monday, October 8, 2012

Off-Duty Heroes

You know we love American Heroes!!

Some serve in the US Military.  Some are Veterans.  Others are Police, Fire and EMS personnel.  Still others are Off-duty.  Like Michael Wolff, a police officer in Henderson, NV.

Officer Wolff was simply getting a Starbucks coffee when he walked into an active robbery.  A man behind the counter was emptying out the cash register with a gun in hand.

Wolff was Off-duty, but he showed his badge and his own firearm, and he ordered the robber to stop.  The robber dropped his gun and ran out the front door... err, literally through the door!

The glass broke and lacerated the robber.  But Officer Wolff arrested him and no one was injured.

These American Heroes are amazing!  They accept the risks inherent to showing up for work.  And then they keep serving the public in their own spare time!!

Reminds me of a similar story from last year.  Off-duty LAPD Officer Joe Jarrett took his wife to a restaurant in Hollywood.  He quickly realized a dangerous situation was unfolding in the kitchen - a man with a 10-inch knife was threatening a worker and had her cornered.  Officer Jarrett pulled his firearm and identified himself.  He deescalated the situation and took the man into custody.

Officer Jarrett said, "I honestly think I just did what any LAPD officer, or any law enforcement officer from anywhere would do.  I just did my job."

Another American Hero!!

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