Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Southern California Police Officer - Kevin Killian

This is Kevin Killian.  In September 2003 he joined a Southern California Police Department.  After just 5 days on the force he was driving home from a night shift when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car.

He collided with a bridge abutment.  And this is what happened...

He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, but was unconscious.  His wife spent the next 28 days at his side as he lay in a coma.  She left their two young boys with her mom.  And her only prayers were for Kevin to remember her and remember their boys.  She did not care if he walked or talked again, she just did not want to be forgotten.

Remarkably, Kevin awoke from his coma with no long-term effects.  He immediately remembered his family.  And through extensive therapy he learned how to walk and talk again.

In January 2004 (just 4 months later) Kevin returned to light duty as a Police Officer with his Police Department.  And in mid-2004 he returned to active duty.

Nowadays, Kevin is a strong man with a terrific mind and an entertaining personality.  So much so that Public Safety Stores has chosen Kevin to review products.  He will be given the products at no cost and asked to do two things: (1) test the products (2) film a video review of the products.

Next month we will post product reviews from Kevin where he will talk about:
  • Uses for the product
  • Advantages of the product
  • Concerns with the product
  • The product's "KevStar" rating

The first 2 products Kevin will talk about are the Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP Flashlight and the new Streamlight SolarStream.

If you have a request for products to be reviewed, let us know!!  Email us at: customer@publicsafetystores.com

Thanks to Officer Kevin Killian for doing this!!

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