Thursday, August 2, 2012

Army Soldier is Pistol Shooting for Team USA - Keith Sanderson

We have talked before about the US Army's World Class Athlete Program (WCAP).  They sent 11 soldiers to the 2012 London Olympics!  And here's one of them - sharp shooter Keith Sanderson.

Keith joined the Marine Corps just after high school, where he competed for the Marine Shooting Team in rifle matches.  After eight years with the Marines he joined the Army Reserves and started college.  In 2005, after four years in the Reserves, he transferred to Active Duty as an Army soldier.

Along the way Keith has sharpened his shooting skills, primarily in the Rapid Fire Pistol program, and his results prove it.  Keith has medaled in multiple events:

  • Gold - National Championship (2004)
  • Gold - National Championship (2005)
  • Bronze - Championships of the Americas (2005)
  • Silver - Pan American Games (2006)
  • Bronze - World Cup Munich (2007)
  • Gold - World Cup Beijing (2009)
  • Bronze - World Cup Munich (2009)
  • Silver - World Cup Chagnwon (2009)
  • Bronze - World Championship (2010)
  • Bronze - World Cup Final Wroclaw (2011)
  • Silver - World Cup Chagnwon (2011)
This year his sights are set on medaling at the London Olympics!

The Shooting competition started a few days ago, but Keith's portion starts today (Aug 2nd) and continues for the next few days

Check out this video where Keith talks about going to his 2nd Olympics!!

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