Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Army Sergeant Shoots to Olympic Gold - Vincent Hancock

We have mentioned several members from the Public Safety community who are competing in the 2012 London Olympics - an EMT, Firefighter, Police Officer and Army Soldiers.  One has already earned a Gold medal - Kayla Harrison.  Here's another Gold medal winner!!

Vincent Hancock won his first World Championship in Skeet Shooting when he was 16 years old (in 2005)!  Now at 23 years old he has 2 Olympic Gold medals!!  Here's a look at his history of Gold medals, this does not include the long list of additional medals he has earned:

  • 2005 Championship of the Americas - Gold (tied World Record)
  • 2005 World Cup Changwon - Gold (set World Record)
  • 2005 World Championship - Gold
  • 2006 Spring Selection - Gold
  • 2007 Fall Selection - Gold
  • 2007 World Cup Italy - Gold (set World Record)
  • 2007 Pan Am Games - Gold
  • 2008 World Cup Suhl - Gold
  • 2008 BEIJING OLYMPICS - GOLD (set Olympic Record)
  • 2009 National Championship - Gold
  • 2009 World Championship - Gold
  • 2010 National Championship - Gold
  • 2010 Fall Selection - Gold
  • 2011 Pan Am Games - Gold
  • 2012 National Championship - Gold
  • 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS - GOLD (set Olympic Record)

Vincent is the first Olympian to win back-to-back Gold medals in the Skeet Shooting event.  He broke his own Olympic Record to win this Gold by hitting 123 of 125 targets in Qualifying, and nearly achieved overall perfection by hitting all 25 targets in the Final for a total score = 148 of 150.

Vincent is stationed in Fort Benning, GA where he is a Sergeant with the US Army Marksmanship Unit.  He is also married with two children.

CONGRATS to Vincent and Go Team USA!!

Celebrate with Vincent and watch this video of him talk about winning Olympic Gold (again!) for Team USA!!

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