Monday, August 13, 2012

Public Safety Professionals who were London Olympians - Final Results


The 2012 London Olympics have come to a close, and Team USA won the Overall Medal Count.

Over the last two weeks we have mentioned many athletes from the Public Safety community -- Police, Fire, EMS and Military personnel -- who were London Olympians.

Two of them earned GOLD MEDALS -- Kayla Harrison and Vincent Hancock!!!

Today we give you the results of everyone we mentioned, and many more we did not have a chance to mention.  Proudly enjoy what these world class athletes (22 total) achieved for Team USA and the Public Safety community!!!

Dennis Bowsher - US Army
Modern Pentathlon - 32nd place

Dremiel Byers - US Army
Wrestling - Quarterfinals

Glenn Eller - US Army
Shooting - 22nd place

Joe Guzman - US Army
Boxing Coach - Various

Vincent Hancock - US Army
Shooting - GOLD MEDAL!!!

Kayla Harrison - EMT and Firefighter to-be
Womens Judo - GOLD MEDAL!!!

Jamel Herring - US Marines
Boxing - Round of 32

David Johnson - US Army
Shooting Coach - Various

Weston Seth Kelsey - US Air Force
Fencing - 4th Place

Ben Lee - Palo Alto, CA Police Department
Badminton Coach - Various

Justin Lester - US Army
Wrestling - Quarterfinal

Charles Leverette - US Army
Boxing Coach - Various

Spenser Mango - US Army
Wrestling - 9th Place

Michael McPhail - US Army
Shooting - 9th Place

John Nunn - US Army
Race Walk - 43rd Place

Jason Parker - US Army
Shooting - 30th Place

Joshua Richmond - US Army
Shooting - 16th Place

Keith Sanderson - US Army
Shooting - 14th Place

Daryl Szarenski - US Army
Shooting - 23rd Place and 28th Place

Eric Uptagrafft - US Army
Shooting - 16th Place

Sandra Uptagrafft - US Navy
Shooting - 28th Place

Jimmy Watkins - Kern County Fire Station #55 (in Bakersfield, CA)
Cycling - 6th Place

And one more time for the grand finale ... GO TEAM USA!!!

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