Tuesday, November 27, 2012

THANKS to Military Members

Last week we said THANKS to Firefighters, THANKS to Police Officers and THANKS to EMTs.

Today we say THANKS to Military Members everywhere!!

We realize you have two of the most stressful jobs -- as a Soldier and a General.

We enjoyed following you at the 2012 London Olympics, including:

In addition, we followed Ryan McIntosh - Injured Army Veteran - at the 2012 US Open.

And then we followed you at the 2012 London Paralympics, including:
We are glad to see local communities reaching out to help local Veterans, through programs like this one -- SCV Habitat for Heroes.

We are thrilled to see US citizens - like Tom Clark, a US History teacher - who carefully remembers the brave Veterans who have shaped American History.

And many of you worked tirelessly to serve and rescue people through Superstorm Sandy.  The devastation was immense.  But with your help the cleanup will be fully accomplished.

Your service to this great country is amazing, so we say THANKS to Military Members everywhere!!

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