Monday, July 23, 2012

Hero In Action, Santa Barbara County Fire Dept

Police, Fire and EMS professionals go to great lengths to perform at a high level.

Driving their performance is:
  • Personal Courage and Bravery

Aiding their performance is:
  • Great Training
  • Strong Team Members
  • Experienced Skills
  • Injured Parties who Cooperate
  • The Right Safety Gear
  • A Belief in the Mission of Public Safety

So from time to time we'll feature the story of a "Hero In Action"

This is the first installment

Date:   Jan 12, 2012
Place:  Hwy 101 along the Central Coast of CA
Hero:  Santa Barbara County Fire Department and US Navy Seebees

Sometime mid-afternoon an empty gravel truck rear-ended a BMW sedan, while on a bridge.  The BMW was forced into the center railing of the bridge and the car was left literally dangling over the edge.

The truck descended some 75 feet over the side of the bridge, which caused a fiery explosion and the death of the truck's driver.

Inside the car was a 40-year old mother, her 10-year old daughter and her 10-week old baby.  Again, teetering over the side of the bridge.

As rescue workers sought to save the family, they obviously battled some extreme dangers.  One of their greatest challenges was gaining the right safety gear to complete this rescue.  Fortunately US Navy Seebees (a Navy construction crew) were driving by and stopped to lend a hand!

What the Seebees offered was a large forklift they had with them, which became the perfect equipment for completing this rescue.

Hats off to the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept and the US Navy Seebees.  And here's a couple video news stories...

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