Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Fire Sprinklers

Did you know 3 states now require fire sprinklers to be installed in all new home construction?  These states include California, Maryland and South Carolina.  And the NFPA is working to get this same requirement passed in the other 47 states.

You might ask why this is necessary.  The reason is because research reports, and the stories of firefighters themselves, point to significant savings of life and property when sprinklers are present.

The goal of the NFPA is to reduce (1) the loss of life and (2) the loss of property caused by fire.  Over the years, the NFPA (and others) have been very successful.  Now fire sprinklers in every new home is the current cause driving their mission.

To personalize their message, the NFPA has launched the "Faces of Fire" which tell stories of people dramatically affected by home fires.  Here is one story:

We have mentioned many times on this blog that medical calls consume the vast majority of a Fire Department's work.  But the dangers of fire - in its various forms - is no less serious.

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