Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Hero" - a new song from Mully Music

We recently mentioned this new song from Mully Music on the Public Safety Stores Facebook page.

The song name is "Hero."  Its a tribute to Police Officers.

This week we caught up with Mully to talk more about the song, as well as the money he is raising for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).

Mully is not a Police Officer, but he wants to apply for a position in Public Safety in his hometown when one becomes available.  Perhaps as a Dispatcher.  But his first love has always been music, which he has been playing/composing since 1980.

He wrote all the music and lyrics, and did all the performance and production, for this special song.

His goal is simple... he wants to raise money for the NLEOMF.  100% of the money raised goes directly to the NLEOMF.  He is not reimbursed for anything.

We have mentioned many times that one of the most stressful jobs is being a Police Officer.  And Mully wrote Hero because "too often the fine men and women who wear a badge are taken for granted."  He said, "This is my way of saying 'Thank You.' "

The lyrics speak to the key traits of a good Police Officer: dedication, sacrifice, loyalty, courage and service.

We tip our hats to Mully ... and the great Law Enforcement Officers who protect the people of each local community!

Here are direct links to the fundraising effort:

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