Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kids Help Mom Save Baby's Life With CPR!

Kids Help Mom Save Baby's Life With CPR

This mom (Susanna Rohm) was in her living room in Marietta, GA when she realized her 12-week old baby was not breathing!

Frantically, she yelled "Call 911!"

Just outside her house were two neighbor boys playing football.  She had previously met one of the boys (10-year old, Ethan Wilson).  But she had never met the other boy (9-year old, Rocky Hurt).

Nonetheless, Ethan and Rocky ran into her house to see if they could help.  Turns out they had learned CPR from posted signs in the cafeteria at Sedalia Park Elementary!

The boys quickly told Susanna to "Use two fingers, push on the chest 5-10 times, tilt back the baby's head, plug the nose, and breathe into the baby's mouth."

They were right.  It worked!  The baby survived, and the young boys became heroes.

The boys later said, "We didn't care if we were on the news, we just cared about saving that baby."

We have previously mentioned the value of CPR.  This is another reminder of why more people should get CPR Training!

Check out these boys speak calmly of their heroics... perhaps they have a bright future as First Responders?!

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