Thursday, March 28, 2013

Penske Group & Others Give $8 Million to Detroit

Roger Penske
Photo Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Six weeks ago Roger Penske, the CEO of Penske Group, met with Dave Bing, the mayor of Detroit.  One thing they discussed is public safety in Detroit.

That meeting led to this week's announcement that the Penske Group (among others) will donate $8 million to the city of Detroit for the purchase of 100 new Police and EMS vehicles!!

Mr Penske said he expects this to have an "immediate and lasting impact."  The Police vehicles will be on the streets within 90 days.  The EMS units will be running within 160 days.

Other corporations that joined the Penske Group include Blue Cross Blue Shield, GM, Chrysler, Ford, the Kresge Foundation, Quicken, First Merit Bank and Platinum Equity.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Donald Austin said, "After years of challenges with aging EMS units that rotate in and out of service, a brand new fleet of ambulances will allow us to provide a higher level of emergency services to Detroit's citizens."

We love these kinds of stories!!

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