Saturday, February 9, 2013

We Like You Too

Public Safety Stores

We are grateful to the 5,000+ of you that 'Like' us!!  We like you too!!

Yes, we live in a Facebook age of remote relationships.  But hey, here we are getting to know each other!

We promise to keep doing 3 things for you...

produce great CONTENT
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so we let images capture moments and evoke emotions.  We save words for news and information.

build a great COMMUNITY
A community has people who share something in common.  In this case - Public Safety!   That means ... Police ... Fire ... EMS ... Military ... Dispatch ... and more.

offer great eCOMMERCE
Your orders on Public Safety Stores have been awesome!  Thanks a ton.

We are honored and thankful to count you as Friends!!  Let's grow this together!

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