Friday, February 22, 2013

Firehouse World - Shelby Gloves

15% off Shelby Gloves on PSS

This week we visited the Firehouse Expo in San Diego.

We were surprised to find it chilly and windy.  But a couple guys from Rhode Island mentioned the 12 inches in snow they got the day before they came out.  So we were grateful to San Diego for whatever it wanted to give us!

At the expo we spent time with the President of Shelby Gloves.  He reminded us of the reasons why Shelby is still the top-selling Fire Glove.

Durability.  Shelby prides itself in making a highly durable glove.  Other gloves might come at a lower price, and therefore serve a certain part of the market.  But the quality of construction in Shelby Gloves means they need to be replaced less often.

Quality.  Shelby Gloves use a specialized barrier system with waterproof, breathable Gore™ technology.  Every liner system is 100% dunk tested.  And their FDP gloves use the industry's first ever cut and sewn e-PTFE barrier system.  So firefighters can be assured of great performance.

Made in the USA.  Shelby Gloves can't be more American.  They are made right here in the USA.  Shelby is proud of its American manufacturing, just like we are proud of our American heroes - Police, Fire, EMS and Military.

So this weekend we are running a special 15% off Shelby Gloves when you buy them from Public Safety Stores!

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