Friday, February 1, 2013

History of the Flashlight

History of Flashlights
Flashlights on PSS

Thank goodness for flashlights ... and especially for 100+ years of product development!

Did you know ... the flashlight started as a portable lighting device that literally flashed because it could not produce a steady stream of light?!

Here's the brief history...

In 1879 Thomas Edison invented and patented the first carbon filament electric lightbulb.

In 1898 a 'dry' cell battery was invented.

Around that time Conrad Hubert combined a brass reflector and a light bulb with a 'dry' cell battery - to create the first modern flashlight device.

He made those early flashlights (by hand) and passed them out to New York City Policemen, who gave the product great reviews!  This reminds us of the New Yorker fire helmets being first used in NYC!

Here we are 100 years later, talking about:

  • Incandescent lighting vs LED
  • Lumens and Candela
  • Beam distance
  • Battery life
  • Headlamps
  • Weapon mounts
  • Streamlight vs Pelican vs Surefire vs UK vs Others
We happen to primarily sell Streamlight at Public Safety Stores.

But regardless of which flashlight you carry, I'm sure you are thankful for its usefulness!

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