Friday, May 3, 2013

Hurricane Season Might Be Big

Hurricane Season starts in less than a month - on June 1st.  We have talked about this because analysts say this year may be highly active.

Here is some "unofficial" (but interesting) news we have to report!

Last week I was in Florida for meetings, prior to the FDIC Show.  I had a chance to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  My first time ever!  But the water was crazy warm.  In fact, it was 80 degrees.  In April!

I'm from California and this seemed unusual.  So I asked the locals about the warm water.  They said they are very concerned because 80 degrees is far too warm this early in the year.

They also said hurricanes are "the earth's air conditioning system."  I had not heard this before, but they explained the earth moves heat from one place to another by using large, powerful cyclones - hurricanes.  Therefore, if the air and water become too warm in the Atlantic and Gulf area, hurricanes may be created to move out this heat.

Unofficial reporting, yes.  But certainly worth noting.

We all know the damage hurricanes can cause.  Witness Hurricane Sandy (2012).  Over 60 million people were impacted in the Northeast and over 8 million people were left with power.  The First Responders were heroic.  But the total devastation was staggering.

If you live in the Southeast, you remember Katrina (2005) and others.  Just consider your own Hurricane Preparedness this year and encourage someone else to do the same!

No one plans to fail.  They fail to plan.

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