Friday, May 3, 2013

Bird Flu: Update

as of April 29, 2013

Last month we told you about the H7N9 (Bird Flu) outbreak in China.  At that time there were 5 reported deaths and 11 total cases.  That was April 4th.

One month later, there are now reports of 27 deaths and 127 people infected.

Experts also predict this H7N9 (Bird Flu) will appear in Europe and other countries.  Which leads scientists to say this new Bird Flu poses a "serious threat."

We hope this will be fully contained.  But given our experience in 2009 - when the Swine Flu epidemic wiped out our stock of Respirators - we are seeking to plan ahead and keep you informed.

Our current stock of N95 Face Masks and other Respirators is strong.  We plan to stay well-stocked in case this Bird Flu gets out of hand.

But as is the case with all things Safety-related, we encourage you to think ahead about your own stock!

Let us know of any questions (even re: volume discounts) by calling Public Safety Stores at 888-707-3195.

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