Monday, September 10, 2012

Hero Rush!

We have talked a lot about the sports and competitions that PoliceFireEMS and Military members engage in!  They include the OlympicsParalympics and Police & Fire Games.  Here's another competition you'll love... Hero Rush!

Hero Rush is for Firefighters and anyone else (young or old) who wants to test their mettle as a Firefighter Hero for the day!

The competition can barely be called a 5K obstacle course.  The presenters cleverly call it "The Infernotastic 5K+ Obstacle Experience"!!

Check out this video and you'll see why...

The race includes...
  • Sliding down poles
  • Climbing ladders
  • Getting wet
  • Making saves
  • Crawling through windows
  • Breaking down doors
  • Scrambling through HazMat zones
  • Locating trapped victims
  • And much much much much more!!

These are upcoming event dates...
  • 2012
    • Oct 6  --  Illinois / MidWest
    • Oct 20  --  Carolinas
    • Nov 3  --  Central Florida
  • 2013
    • Mar 2  --  Central Texas
    • May 4  --  Maryland / DC

Check out the Hero Rush website for more info!!

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