Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Fire Stations in Santa Clarita, California!!

Remember a series of huge wildfires burning across Southern California in October 2007?  If not, you can refresh your memory here!

Together these fires:

  • destroyed 1,500+ homes
  • burned 500,000+ acres
  • injured 85 people (including 60+ firefighters)
  • and killed 9 people

They were devastating to say the least.  Among these was the "Buckweed Fire" in northern LA County.  The Buckweed Fire alone burned 38,000 acres and destroyed 63 structures - all in our hometown of Santa Clarita.

Well, a little hometown news ... two new Fire Stations opened in Santa Clarita this week.  One of the fire stations is just a few hundred feet from the burn area of the Buckweed Fire.  And another new station is set to open in Santa Clarita later this year.

These stations are much needed in a dry part of Southern California with a long history of wildfires.

Keep in mind, this year is expected to be a very active wildfire season.  Choose your turnout gear carefully.  And stock up now with the proper wildland firefighting equipment.

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