Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get Set!

When it comes to wildfire preparedness CAL FIRE says step 1 is Being Ready!  Step 2 is Getting Set!

Getting Set means preparing for the potential of evacuation.  We all hope it doesn't happen, but living in denial is never a good idea.  So Get Set!

Every family should have a Wildfire Action Plan put in place - well before a wildfire happens.  This should be complete, yet simple.  It should tell everyone in the family where to meet in the event of an evacuation.  And its a process the family should practice from time to time.

A Wildfire Action Plan should also name a friend or family member (who lives out of the area) to be the main point of contact if the family gets separated.  CAL FIRE even offers a form you can fill out to keep track of this info.

The family should know where to find its fire extinguisher and how to use it.  The family should know where the main shut-off is for water, gas and electric mains.  And the family should have an Emergency Supply Kit on-hand, if not two kits - one in the house and one in the car.

Protect your home by Being Ready!  Protect your family by Getting Set!

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