Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wildfire Conditions : HIGH ALERT

Southern California Wildfires
Credit: Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters
The Black Forest Fire in Colorado, the Powerhouse Fire in California and many other wildfires this year, have combined to put Fire Officials in the Western US on HIGH ALERT Wildfire Season.

So they are letting the public know!

Fire Chiefs in Southern California announced they expect this Wildfire Season could be the worst in 100 years!  They blame this extreme warning on rising temperatures, dry winds and drought conditions.  In fact, they're preparing for 2,600 fires across 51,000 acres.

And perhaps the public is taking notice.

Yahoo! says in the 7 days ending 6/24/13 they saw the following:

  • Searches for "Southern California Wildfires" were up +2,844%
  • Searches for "Wildfires in Colorado" were up +380%

What the future holds, we don't know.

We hope for the best.  But Firefighters are wisely planning for the worst.

Southern California Wildfires
Credit: Unknown

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