Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drug Test Results - IN SECONDS

Here's a product recently released by Thermo Scientific, called TruNarc.

This handheld device produces a drug test result almost immediately!!  TruNarc takes the time to process a drug test from weeks or months down to seconds!  And the device does not need direct contact with narcotics, it can test a sample while its still packaged.

In 1980 law enforcement completed over 500,000 drug-related arrests in the US.  Nowadays law enforcement is completing almost 2,000,000 drug-related arrests per year.  And the long time for forensics to process drug testing results can be detrimental to law enforcement's handling of a case.

But TruNarc could put law enforcement ahead of the curve again, and take away the opportunity for a suspect to game the system while drug test results are being processed.

The device is currently being tested by police departments in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Let us know if you have questions or interest in the product, contact us at Public Safety Stores.

And here's an informative video from Thermo Scientific:

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